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Company Launch


Launch faster, smarter, and stronger

From launching new businesses, brands, and revenue streams to documenting your entire book of company processes, Jeremiah Prinderdash helps you stay organized and navigate rapidly changing business landscapes with ease. We keep you focused on what matters most — your craft — while taking care of all those tedious back office tasks.


Back Office Services


We have your back...


Our team of experts provides comprehensive cash flow management plans that are tailored to meet the needs of early stage startups and small businesses. We help you understand cash flow issues and develop strategies to solve them quickly and effectively.


Management Consulting


The ideal partner for growth

We understand the challenges of early stage businesses, and our tailored services are designed to provide maximum impact with minimal disruption. Our team of experts works with you every step of the way, providing guidance and support so that you can focus on what matters most — making your business a success.


If it is a problem area for your business, it is likely that we can help lighten the load.

​Back Office

  • Business Administration

  • Compliance & Audit Reporting

  • Finance & Accounting

  • Billing, AR, & Collections

  • Human Resources

  • Hiring & Staffing

  • Technology Development & Deployment

​Front Office

  • Marketing Plan & Lead Generation

  • Lead Lists

  • Sales Planning

  • CRM Setup

  • Branding & Digital Presence

  • Contract / Sales Templates

Strategic Support

  • Vision & Strategy Setting

  • Process Development

  • Procedure Documentation

  • Company Health Assessments

  • Company Improvement Project Planning & Execution

Are you the best version of yourself?

We are passionate about helping founders get out of the entrepreneurial gridlock.  Jeremiah Prinderdash is an experienced back-office services & management consulting firm that helps small business owners launch, stabilize, and grow their businesses. We take care of all of the departments you are not well equipped to manage and allow you to focus on driving sales and operations.  We are also here to be your sounding board. Yes, 90% of your ideas are crazy, but we will help you execute on the 10% of the brilliant ones.  The best part is, you might actually get to see your family for a change too!

We’re Good with Numbers


Years of Experience

Launching & Building Businesses


Average Client 


Revenue Growth


Founder hours saved per company launch


Hours saved per week on back office



Jeremiah Prinderdash was born from an investment fund that manages a portfolio of small to medium sized businesses.  In an effort to be excellent stewards of their investors’ capital, our owners got very active in the portfolio companies and hired administration superstars as a high-quality shared back-office.  The ultimate intention was to keep the CEO’s of the portfolio companies focused on growth and excellent tactical management while the JP team kept them informed, well staffed, fiscally diligent, compliant, and progressing in procedural development.  

Starting with one of the most challenging of all small businesses, Residential Construction.  Residential Construction is a "wonderful" industry touting the one of the highest failure rates for multiple reasons.  So naturally if Jeremiah Prinderdash can fix a Construction business, we can confidently help serve our clients in other industries that have less of an uphill challenge.

We are proud to take the same challenge-seeking intensity to help our clients generate long-term value.  You should hope that we are not working with your competitors.



“They took care of the back office and allowed me to focus on sales and operations. I can honestly say that my business wouldn't be where it is today without their help.”

Chris A
Carbide Capital Partners



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4402 Stuart Andrew Blvd, Ste C

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Tel: 704-270-3809

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